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The Shapes of My Mother,
2019 - ongoing

This series is an ever changing portrait of my mother.


Life shapes our internal landscapes as well as our external sheathes. We are the malleable sum total of our experiences. We ebb, err, flow, fight, rest, suffer, love and grow or whither. Our worth as women is not bound to our looks or youth although societal norms would convince you otherwise. In this series I wanted to foreground and externalise my mother’s lively, scarred and wise interior.


The layers that constitute her selfhood are unrepeatable.

Today I look at my mom as a woman and a fellow mother trying her best and often not getting it quite right, but occasionally more right than anybody else. The Shapes of My Mother explores aspects of my mom’s multi layered story of dreams, hopes, cheek, awkwardness, talent, questionable decisions, flaws, kindness, fierce intelligence, complexities, ridicule, heartache and pain. She possesses a unique and powerful blend of intelligence and kindness that I wanted to visually manifest.


These are her ever-changing shapes.

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